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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 12, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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-- we'll have that coming up in a little bit. and tucker barnes busy all morning long keeping tabs of the snow. it's over for us as things should improve a little bit, right tucker? >> you're right. sunshine in the forecast. since about 3:30 this morning since we started here. and as we look at our satellite radar, the snow well off to the north and east now. pushing north and east of new york city where they should see gradual improvement. not in the case in boston, providence or hartford where they are getting heavy snow. here, a mix of sun and clouds. done with the snow that we picked up yesterday. and totals between a trace well off to the south, south of fredericksberg to 3 to 3.5 inches for viewers in northern montgomery county and frederick and howard county. all of that is out of here. quieter weather today. just cold and breezy out there. 30 degrees at reagan national. 30 in fredericksberg. 25 in hagerstown. winds gusting out of the north and west at 30-35 miles per hour so it will feel colder
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than that afternoon high temperature of 36 degrees with partial sunshine. more details on the forecast and a look at the weather and a slight warm-up in store. back to you. well we get off easy but the winter weather continues to wallop portions of the northeast this morning. on the left, new york digging out after picking up nearly 10 inches of snow. >> but boston on the right there is getting the worst of it. the snow is falling at the rate of 2 inches an hour. parts of massachusetts could see as much as 20 inches of snow before it's all over. and this storm, plus the storm in atlanta earlier this week, has made air travel a nightmare. >> holly morris is live at reagan national with more on this big travel trouble today. holly, good morning. >> reporter: travel troubles indeed. you saw first-hand why no one is flying into and out of new york or boston today. but if you go ahead and take a look at the board, this was the board this morning -- the board this morning when we got here
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and all of the flights were canceled into new england. but there were also other flights canceled that you would be surprised to see. flights were still canceled heading to atlanta. they are still trying to recover from the storm. but i just popped over and took a peek at the board and there are some flights scheduled to head out to atlanta just after 10:00 a.m. morning here so slowly but surely they are getting back on track. we saw flights to dulles and chicago canceled. and this had to do with the allo case of inventory. they couldn't get planes here because of bad weather elsewhere. so that caused the cancellations that people were surprised to see this morning. everyone is expecting flight cancellations to the new england area. we did have some bad weather last night ourselves. we got some. that threw into the mix as far as the numerous -- cancellations that we saw. with you ran into one guy, most
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people were understanding, but one guy said the lack of weather here does not warrant the fallout. >> i think the airport could do a better job where it seems like the snow is getting worse and worse and i think the airport could be better prepared. especially in light of the fact that there are other city that's continue to receive snow and do very well. >> reporter: it clearly is a domino effect here when you are talking about air travel. there is a lot of factors that go into play. it's not just about the weather that happens here. but it's understandable, people get frustrated when they have plans set and things don't go perfectly. so the best thing for you to do in terms of figuring it all out is get as much information as you can. especially if you are flying today or even if you are flying tomorrow up to the new england area. it's a big storm so there is an effect for a few days after the fact. flights like to atlanta today. so call your airline ahead. if you booked online, go ahead and sign up for the text alerts and give them your cell phone
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number or your e-mail and they will keep you updated as to your flight status. and if you are bothered with the whole thingers you can keep in mind that the next time you fly, especially if you are doing it into a city or out of a city where they get winter weather, you can always use a travel agent because they will actually deal with all of the travel troubles for you in your future planning. so that's the latest here. it's kind of a quiet day here at reagan national. some of that happens to do with just being a wednesday in january but a lot of it has to do with the flights canceled. back to you in the studio. >> holly, thank you. and we have another big story this morning. another killing in prince george's county. that makes 12 in that county since the start of the new year. the latest incidents happened in new carrollton and college park. sarah simmons joins us live from police headquarters to explain. good morning, sarah.
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>> reporter: good morning, tony. detectives definitely have their hands full here in prince george's county, now investigating the 12th homicide of this year. this one slightly different though. coming out of new carrollton just before 9:00 last night, police are telling us what happened is that a resident, a man said that he shot at somebody as they were trying to break into his house. he shot and killed a man. police at this point say this happened on riverdale road. but they're saying at this point, they call it a justifiable homicide, meaning self-defense. of course they are still investigating and continuing to look into it. as they are, the rest of the homicides -- this is after the 11th one yesterday earlier in the day. a 22-year-old university of maryland student was shot to death inside of a home that he was renting. detectives believe at this point he was involved with drugs. they say seven of the other murders in the county this month alone are also drug- related. >> one of the main points i want to make, notwithstanding
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that tragedy, is that this is not a random act. none of our homicides in 2011 have been random acts of violence. so if you reside in prince george's county, if you visit prince george's county and you're not engaged in a criminal lifestyle that gives people a reason to seek your demise and harm you and in some cases kill you, prince george's county remains a safe community. >> now police have been able to make three arrests in two of the earlier homicides. two men have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the january 5th oxon hill homicide and another man, an 18-year-old, for the january 9th, forestville, maryland homicide. that was a domestic dispute but the other one was drug-related at this point. so three arrests and two homicides yet we still have a total of 12 homicides this year since the beginning of the year that police here are still looking into in prince george's county. we're live here in palmer park,
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sarah simmons, back to you. >> all in 12 days. thank you, sarah. allison? there are new developments concerning the tragedy in tucson. this morning former alaska governor sarah palin posted a 8 must have been minute video on her facebook page condemning critics who blame political rhetoric for the mass shooting that killed six people and injured gabriel gifford. palin said the journalists and pundits should not manufacture what she called blood libel. >> acts of monster criminality stand on their own. they begin and end with the criminals who commit them, not collectively with all of the citizens of a state, not with those who listen to talk radio, not with maps of swing districts used by both sides of the aisle, not with law-abiding citizens who respectfully exercise their first amendment rights at campaign rallies. >> palin targeted gifford's
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seat among 20 in the country for defeat. some have taken exception with the maps palin used showing her district with cross-hairs on it. today president barack obama and the first lady head to the university of arizona for a memorial for the shooting victims. this is as we learn more about the investigation surrounding its lone suspect. adam housely is in tucson with the latest. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ... [ singing ] >> reporter: amazing grace holding together tucson as mourners pack a church for a service filled as a mass of healing. the service was held tuesday night only blocks from the safeway store where six were killed in saturday's shooting. one of the victims, susie heil man, is hospitalized. she took 9-year-old christina green to the giffords event.
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green was killed. heilman is accounting her experience in what her husband called a more fiend haze. >> i hear her screaming christina, let's get out of here and she keeps talking about the holding of hands and then realizing she's on the ground and the bleeding is profuse. >> reporter: and it appears loughner's rage was aimed at giffords. the associated press reports that investigators found a second note inside a safe with the words "die [ expletive ]," many are keeping watch with a growing memorial. and gifford's hand is being held by her husband astronaut mike kelly. doctors say the prognosis is good. she's breathing on her own but hooked up to a respirator to keep pneumonia at bay. >> i don't think she will be in a vegetative state but i know she won't die.
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>> is there 100% she'll survive. >> reporter: president obama and the first lady are expected to attend a memorial on wednesday at the university of arizona along with family and friends and first responders and other members of the tucson community. during those remarks the president is expected to call for unit as a nation mourns. in tucson, arizona, adam housely, fox news. >> arizona lawmakers passed emergency legislation on monday to protect the shooting victim families from funeral protests. this comes after members of a kansas church known for protesting service members funerals said they plan to show up at 9-year-old christina green's service. this bill requires protestors stay 300 feet away from the funeral within an hour of the service. members of the church say they will stay away from christine's funeral but will protest at other services. >> the shooting in tucson has renewed the debate on guns. coming up next, we'll talk about gun control. will laws be changed because of this tragedy incident. and it was one year ago
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that a devastating earthquake rocked haiti. we'll head back to the country to check in on the recovery process. that's next. keep it here as fox 5 morning news continues after the break. it's 9:10 now. mary! hey! wow, you look great! thanks!
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>> the tragedy in tucson is raising more calls to regulate handguns. now advocates say there are -- they are ready to launch a new batch of gun control laws. they want to ban clips that let shooters fire multiple shots at one time. lawmakers could try to attach a bill to the honor of the victims. and there is also a call of a plexiglass wall in front of a seating area in the chambers. and this morning senior attorney at the brady campaign to prevent gun violence joins us to talk about the issue and we want you to know we asked the nra to come on.
9:15 am
they declined but did send a statement. i would read it. it says, quote, at this time anything other than prayers for victims and their families would be inappropriate. daniel, good morning to you. thank you for coming on the show today. i would like to hear your reaction from the statement from the nra? >> it's sad because in this tragedy we had a little girl who just wanted to learn about democracy who was killed. and if today is a typical day in america, 8 more children and teens will be shot and killed every single day in america. and the nra's only answer is more guns. here you had a case where a man who couldn't get into the army, was kicked out of school because he was extremely dangerous, could walk into a gun shop, buy a semi-automatic handgun just like that with a high capacity military style clip that let him fire more than 30 rounds without reloading. we need to say enough is
9:16 am
enough. >> let's talk about this gun control. gun control advocates are pushing now, another rally call for the side pushing to do this, talk about this kind of weapon and why would this be sold? >> that's right. this is a magazine that attaches to a semi-automatic handgun that converts it from a regular handgun into a weapon of war. it lets you fire over and over again, 30 shots without reloading. these were banned under the federal assault weapons ban that congress allowed to expire in 2004. what do we say to the people who are shot with the 11th shot or the 12th shot or the 20th or 30th shot he got out before he stopped to unload and was tackled. if he only had ten shots and folks tackled him when he tried to reload, so many lives could have been saved and yet we supply these military-style weapons to civilians no questions asked. >> the opposing side this is our constitutional right to do this. so is there room within this to call for reform on a federal
9:17 am
level so someone with a history of mental illness would not be able to purchase these kind of weapons. >> sure. there is a right to have a gun in the home for self-defense. but there is also responsibility and there is common sense. we need reasonable gun laws and lines that say if you are so mentally disturbed that you are kicked out of your school, that you can't get into the military, you should not be able to walk into a gun shop and buy a gun just like that. our background check, there is not -- in arizona there is not even interaction with a person other than the clerk you're buying it from. no discussion with police. if this guy walked into a police station and said i want to buy a gun, alarm bells would have gone off. if they talked to anyone who knew him, they would have said do not give this guy a gun. but yet you can still in america buy guns at gun shows, buy military-style weapons. we need to say enough is enough. we need reasonable gun laws. >> this is a climate in arizona that is opening to having a
9:18 am
gun. there were people who had weapons with them. you can talk about the timing? and i guess the realistic time line when someone walks in with an intent to shoot, is there any way you can protect yourself and others by grabbing your own gun. because those said if we were armed this wouldn't happen. >> arizona has the weakest gun laws in america and one of the highest death rates. if the gun lobby was right then arizona would be one of the safest places to live. but in the chaos of a shooting, nobody can be ready at a moment to shoot their neighbor or shoot someone walking up to them out of the corner of their eye. and that's not a society we want to live in or we want to send our children to. our children when they go to meet a representative they shouldn't have to wear body armor or worry that someone can get a semi-automatic weapon that the shooter in this case
9:19 am
could get so quickly. >> daniel vice with the brady campaign to prevent gun violence. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. today marks one year since the devastating earthquake in haiti. the recovery appears to be stuck in low gear. more than a million people are still living in tents and only about one-fourth of the more than $5 billion pledged at a global donor as conference last year has been delivered. steve hariggan has more. >> reporter: 50 haitians vie for a spot here. they earn no money now but the lucky ones will find jobs in the clothing industry that will pay $3 a day. the training program is hundred by u.s. aid. >> and i thank you for sticking with haiti. >> reporter: president clinton visited the factory to spotlight what he called a step in the right direction. >> we were slow getting up on the reconstruction. but in the last four months, the rate of investment has doubled. >> reporter: u.s. government spent more than $1 billion in
9:20 am
haiti last year. private citizens texting $10 each gave more than $30 million for haiti to the american red cross alone. one year later, a million people live in tents. a cholera epidemic has effected 175,000 people and 90% of the debris remains where it was as if the earthquake happened yesterday. >> sometimes the successes are the things that didn't happen. there was not a mass outbreak of malnutrition and starvation after the earthquake. >> reporter: the red cross is building 300 semi-permanent wooden houses and plan to give $130 in cash to everyone in the tents was rejected by the haitian government which feared the handout would draw more people in the camps. starvation and social unrest have been avoided but real reconstruction, cranes, roads, sewers, are hard to find.
9:21 am
and pictures like these 64 vehicles donated by the u.s. languishing and covered with weeds due to high import taxes. pictures like this makes donors wonder if their money is being well spent. in haiti, steve hairiggan, fox news. deadly floodwaters continue rising down under. 22 people have died in weeks of flooding and homes are in danger around the australia third biggest city. brisbane police found two more bodies this morning. it is described as a inland tsunami with a wall ever water slamming into city, smashing windows and sweeping cars and refrigerators down city streets: extraordinary pictures. it's 9:20 now. and you remember her as a whistleblower but now she has her old job back. we'll tell you what happened that has teresa chambers back on the job again.
9:22 am
and first here is a look at today's trivia question. i like this song. [ music ] >> what were kleenex tissues marketed as in 1924? was it silverware polishing cloths, dust cloths, boxed toilet tissue or cold cream remover. you can guess by heading to our facebook page. much more ahead this morning. we're back in a minute as you listen to aerosmith. 
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a whistleblower fired by the department of interior is getting her job back. teresa chambers was fired from her post as u.s. park police chief back in 2004. executives at the national park service said chambers broke regulations by complaining about her staff being under funded. this week an appeals court ruled that she must be
9:26 am
reinstated and refunded pay, plus attorney's fees. members of the u.s. merit systems protection board believed the job should never have been taken away from her. it is back to work today for state lawmakers in virginia and maryland. the legislative sessions began this morning and topping the agenda in both the common wealth and maryland is deficit. the maryland session runs for three months. the virginia general assembly lasts a month and a half. and we are waiting for virginia governor bob mcdonnell's state of the commonwealth address. he is going to talk about his plan to privatize liquor stores. he delivers his speech at 7:00 in richmond. and we will stream it live on our website at well you've been hearing about this violence in mexico, it's on rise. and dozens of people have been killed and the violence is no longer just along the border. so should you be concerned if you have travel plans to the country?
9:27 am
we know spring break is coming up and some are making plans. we'll talk with a state department representative for travel advice. and the snow is gone so what can we expect for the rest of our day and the rest of the week? tucker is in next with the forecast. keep it right here. it's 9:26 and we're back right 
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hear that wind right here in our studios. there is a live shot in boston where they are getting hit hard with this snowstorm. you see the reporter there getting ready to do his segment. and we lost him. but it's snowing hard there. and they've got blizzard conditions -- hence its wind you were hearing. and tucker barnes can tell us about. >> it was just a year ago that we did that. >> amazing how quickly they come back. >> and then today you look out the window and it's like, oh,
9:31 am
it's beautiful. wait until you get outside. it's beautiful with a nice, white covering. >> planning an escape, going outside? >> part of my job responsibility to step outside. look at that, it is gorgeous. >> it is pretty. >> because around here in the winter time, everything gets so brown and gray. >> the first couple of days is really pretty -- is really pretty. >> yes. until it gets mucked up when we drive around on it. and let's start with snow totals. generally between a trace if you are well off to the south in southern maryland, to about 3 to 3.5 inches to 4 inches up north and west of frederick and north and east of baltimore they had higher amounts. but adams town 3 inches. if bowie, maryland, 2.1. college park 1.6. i personally went out and measured a couple of hours ago here in northwest washington, 1.7. in learn ton, virginia, 1.3. and in reston, 1.2. so not the biggest snowfall we've seen but we haven't had a
9:32 am
whole lot of snow. now at reagan national for the season, 3.5 inches of snow. compare that to new york which is over two feet of snow and boston now over three feet of snow for the year so we've gotten off lucky. and once again the brunt of the storm was off to the north and east. there is your hd radar and you can see here the snow shower activity, the heavy snow. in fact blizzard conditions in southern new england continue at this hour. the snow in new york, hopefully they'll have improvement as far as flights up there today. and off to the north and west we have cloudiness and the leftovers of our two-part storm that developed yesterday. still some snow in the mountains in the west. in ohio and west virginia, garret county will pick up another 4-6 inches of snow. here in washington we'll be fine. partial sunshine and cold. our high temperature later today only in the 30s. and you mix in winds out of the north and west, gusting to about 30, it will feel colder
9:33 am
than that. 30 degrees right no at reagan national. 27 in frederick. 30 at patuxent naval air station. 27 in baltimore. mix in the winds and again it feels like mid-20s out there. current wind speeds, 14 in downtown washington, 14 in gaithersburg and 20 in cumberland. so a rather blustery and chilly afternoon with highs topping out only in the mid 30s. partial sunshine and breezy and cold. we're done with the snow and there are the winds gusting out of the west to about 30 miles per hour. cold tonight, bitter cold. 21 in town and teens off to the north and west. anything that gets a chance to melt off will refreeze tonight. if you are headed out early tomorrow, take it easy. winds out of the west at 10-15. here is your five-day forecast. plenty of sunshine in the next couple of days but it will be on the cold side. highs only in the mid-30s and then we'll warm all the way up to 40 degrees -- get out the party hats -- by sunday. as we continue to hear more about the violence erupting out of mexico, u.s. officials are warning americans to take
9:34 am
precautions if you are considering traveling to the country. recent drug-related violence claimed 51 lives, including 15 decapitations in alcapulco. violence continues to be on the rise. joining us with more information is michelle tote, the acting managing director of overseas citizen services at the u.s. state department. thanks for coming in. good to see you. here is the first question. we hear about the violence, it's scary. who are the people who are being killed? are they all involved in crime? are they regular citizens? are they tourists? >> i think you do see, given the levels of violence crime in mexico, along the border, you do see many of those killed in general, not just american citizens, are probably involved in the drug trade or the cartels. there is cartel against cartel violence and the mexican army is trying to step in and control the situation as well. we do know there have been
9:35 am
innocent bystanders and people probably killed because they were misidentified as somebody else. and then again, we have situations where gun battles break out in a downtown area and we have bystanders who are hopefully not killed but maybe trapped in that area until they can -- until the situation calm down and they can leave. so a little bit of everything. >> now previously this was limited to certain areas. and it's still not across the entire country, but even mexico city and the most recent incident in acapulco, that is scary. who is at risk? should americans be traveling to mexico? >> well certainly millions of americans travel to mexico every year without incident. we have millions more who live in mexico. our concerns are focused along the northern border region where we've had continuing drug-
9:36 am
related violence and with no apparent -- apparent signs of abating. there are crime in other parts of mexico and people should take the common sense precautions against being targeted for basic criminal activities, robbers and so forth. but our concern is primarily along the border region. there are incidents elsewhere at times but it's that border region that is a primary concern. >> is there a current - did the state department have a warning out that people need to be aware of. >> we do. we have a travel warning out for mexico at our website which is and it does describe where we see the problems, which parts of mexico, along the northern border, our own people are restricted of traveling to so people know this is what we have imposed. >> when you say our own people, you're talking state department? >> u.s. government employees who are under chief mission authority and we let them know what kinds of safety precautions we are imposing so they can make informed
9:37 am
decisions about their own travel while in mexico. >> so generally speaking, good common sense, if you are saying to your own people don't travel there, then we should probably say we're not going to travel there either. >> we hope that's the message people will take away. >> on the website, you can see the travel warning and get detailed information about what is going on in certain locals? >> that's right. both in the travel warning, in our country specific information on mexico, which goes into great detail not just about the cartel but about other situations and risks people might face due to common crime, gypsy taxis that take advantage of people and there are benefits for people traveling to mexico to make good decisions and stay safe. >> acapulco, we were not happy to hear about this violence because it is a vacation resort. >> i think alcapulco has not been as much of a tourist
9:38 am
destination as it was perhaps many years ago. there are other tourist destinations in mexico, however, which people go to without incident and have not seen the kinds of violence that they have experienced. >> and now spring break is coming up and there are sites where they've not had the violence. and if i'm a parent and i have a child going to spring break -- going to mexico for spring break and going to a newer place now -- where they go now -- >> cancun. >> yes. do i have any reason to be worried about that. >> as a parent, i would always be worried when my college kid went off on spring break. but asking them to be responsible about their behavior and stay in touch with the parents, and know how to call home if they do have problems, i think that would be the basic message. >> okay. very good. again, you go to the state department website for more of that information. we'll link that to our website
9:39 am
at thank you very much for coming. good to talk to you. appreciate it. allison? we told you the story of the homeless man with the golden voice. well now ted williams is dealing with a minor run-in with the law. why he spent time in police custody this week. first though, here is another look at today's trivia question. what was kleenex tissues marketed as when introduced back in 1924? was it silverware polishing cloths, dust cloth, boxed toilet tissue or cold cream remover? the answer is coming up in a bit. we're back after the break. don't go anywhere. it's 9:38 now. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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ted williams, the over night sensation, the ohio man nicknamed the homeless man with the golden voice had a run-in with police this week. >> he was in l.a.
9:43 am
to tape the dr. phil show when he was detained by police after getting into a shotting match with a daughter at a hollywood hotel. they were held for less than an hour and no charges were filed. that episode of dr. phil airs today at 3:00 here on fox 5. michael jackson's doctor is going to have to stand trial. the judge is ordering dr. conrad murray to go on trial for involuntary manslaughter. the ruling came after six days of hearings in los angeles. prosecutors claim the doctor gave jackson a lethal dose of a powerful anesthetic mixed with other sedatives. two other doctors testified that murray's actions were not in line with standard medical care. this morning we have learned of the passing of david nelson. he starred alongside his parents and younger brother ricky in the popular tv show the adventures of ozzie and harriet. david produced and directed a
9:44 am
number of episodes about his family's life. now david nelson died yesterday in los angeles from colon cancer. he was 74. our facebook fan of the day is patrick weiss. he said fox 5 morning news is the true definition of must-see tv. we agree, patrick. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. there is no space between fox and the number 5. then post a comment under patrick's photo. well a push to make local neighborhoods more walkable around metro stations. it may come with a cost. how it may affect your ability to park in areas. and iphone lovers are rejoicing this morning. details behind the iphone on the verizon network. when will it be out? we'll tell you. stay with us. we'll be right back. mac and cheese need a boost ?
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9:47 now. there are new developments concerning an overnight tractor- trailer doesn't on the beltway. the express lanes of the outer loop near route 1 in alexandria are being shut down right now in order to continue cleaning up from that wreck. the truck hit a guard rail around 1:50 this morning, losing a lot of the load and spilling fuel. officials expect the outer loop lanes to remain shut down until at least noon. that's big. and we have some big news from the smart phone zone to report. if you want an iphone, you'll soon have a choice of wireless carriers. verizon made the announcement yesterday. at&t now has big-time competition. lauren demarco is here with more on that. >> hello. >> i didn't know i cut you out,
9:49 am
tony. this is huge news. >> much-anticipated, especially all of us that got droids. i like my droid. >> i do too. >> but it is creating huge buzz. if you are in the market for a smart phone, it is definitely worth looking into. >> and today we are extremely gratified, and i can't think of a better word, to announce that early next month the iphone 4 will be part of the great verizon wireless portfolio of products. >> reporter: it's official, the iphone is coming to verizon. they are teaming up with apple and announcing it will start selling a version of the iphone 4 on february 10th. that's big news in the wireless world. since it's debut in 2007, at&t's network in the u.s. has exclusively sold the iphone. >> now wireless consumers everywhere have a choice. i choice they've never had before. it's a revolutionary iphone 4 on the nation's most reliable network. >> the iphone will cost you
9:50 am
about 200 to $300 with a two- year contract, depending on the model. iphone fans are excited about the expanded coverage. the one complaint about the at&t service is spotty coverage in major cities which leads to dropped calls. the iphone 4 looks just like at&t but there is one feature you won't find on the competitor phone. it can act as a portable wi-fi hot spot, connecting up to five laptops or other devices to verizon's 3 g network through wi-fi. some wireless users are already thinking about making the switch. >> i'm positive i'm going to make a move faster than i probably otherwise would. >> reporter: earlier today on fox 5 morning news we talked with rob peg yarrow who writes for the washington post. the big question is what we can expect from apple down the road and if you are currently an at&t customer, is it worth switching to verizon. >> not if you have to pay an early termination fee to bail
9:51 am
out of your contract. if you don't, if you're at liberty to switch, it looks like it's a better deal because verizon network has a much better reputation than at&t for coverage and not dropping calls and so on.i would expect the next version of the iphone, a, will happen in the middle of the summer like it always does like clock work over the last three years; and i would expect it to be for at&t and verizon as well. but the big question is will it support the new verizon 4 g network. >> reporter: by midyear they plan to expand service to the 4 g network. and pre-existing customers can sign up for the iphone beginning on february 3rd. >> and if you are an existing verizon customer and you haven't gone the iphone route because you didn't want at&t wireless, because i had it before and wasn't happy with it, i think those people will
9:52 am
go finally i can get an if iphone now. because it won't be hard to switch. >> for sure. wait for your contract to run out, otherwise you're throwing money away. >> there will be a brand one for you waiting this summer. and ditch the cars and put your feet to good use. a push to make local neighborhoods more walkable could mean restricting parking. it could also affect new housing going up in fairfax county. john henrehan explains that not everyone is buying into the plan. >> reporter: until now fairfax county virginia has not only encouraged parking spaces to be built as part of the development plans, it has required to parking spaces be built. but with more than a million people now living in the county, traffic has become a huge problem. >> you can't just keep adding asphalt to the problem. one, financially the state can't support that. two, what our communities want are transportation options. >> reporter: with metro coming
9:53 am
to tysons corner, the county has limited parking in that already-crowded neighborhood. now there is a proposal to limit the parking at office and residential development where ever new stops are issued. >> in a more urban or dense area built around mass transit, we want to make sure we're not providing so much parking that people are driving their carsind it of move -- cars with intent of moving here. >> reporter: it would limit purchasers of a three bedroom unit to no more than two parking spaces. realtor shirley lee klein is skeptical of plans to limit residential parking spaces. >> if you happen to have two singles that are sharing an apartment, how do you tell one of them they can park there and
9:54 am
the other one, good luck. >> reporter: some county supervisors are skeptical. >> people won't walk a half a mile in the middle of august to go catch the rail or when it's a day like today and snow is threatening. >> reporter: staffers say their recommendations on parking are backed by good research and urging the county government to make a relatively quick decision because development proposals along the silver line are already pouring in. in fairfax county, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> the snow is over here but further east it is far from over. we'll go live to new york city after the break. stay with us. 
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9:57 am
well we didn't get a lot of snow but new york is getting walloped this morning. we check back in with antwan
9:58 am
lewis from our sister station in new york. >> he's in the bronx. good morning, antwan. how are people dealing with it out there? >> reporter: this is the case. it's now starting the digging- out process, if you will. but as you mentioned, we have in the south bronx, about a block north of yankee stadium which is behind me. i'm going to step out of the way so you key now that the storm is out of our year for maybe about two hours. it is going further north along the eastern seaboard. as you know, new york took a nice hit back on december 26th. this was not the case this time. it was significantly less but the city was more prepared this time around than what it was the last time. mayor bloomberg and his administration got a wallop for being under prepared and a number of streets were not plowed. not the case this time. 1700 pieces of equipment were attacking new york's 6,000 streets and roads between the five boroughs. and school was not canceled today so parents are having to
9:59 am
get children to school because school was not canceled. but to tell what you is going on now, a lot of people have grabbed shovels because the sky is clear and the sun is coming out and so they are trying to make the walkways more safe for people walk -- walk -- walking along there. and the height of it was around 1:00 this morning when we got on scene here. so the first snow started to touch down at about 8:00 at night. but we dodged a bullet this time thankfully. back to you, allison and tony. >> thank you very much, sir. good to see you. tucker is back with a final look at the weather. >> just a couple of inches around here. but that's nice. that's perfect. >> it is. >> we'll take that. >> scenic and beautiful without problems. later in afternoon remaining cold. let's look at the five-day forecast. our highs later today only in the middle 30s. going to be blustery with winds blowing to about 30 miles per hour. so a lot of layers if you are out working on your sidewalk and that kind of thing during the late


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